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My month without monsanto - Day one

Written by Rebecca Maclean on 02 October 2012.

I made it through my first Nonsanto day, with only one slip-up. Not bad, considering Mondays are my family's crazy days, I hadn't sorted anything out for dinner until about 4:30, and the remnants of a GI bug are still working its way through my house (thanks, public school germs).

So here's my food play-by-play for the day:

- Breakfast: fried egg from my favorite local farmer, apple from my CSA

WinterSquashRisotto3- lunch: squash risotto (made in the slow cooker yesterday) with Lundberg Family Farms rice, butternut squash from my CSA, and onions and spices from my backyard

- dinner: homemade pizza with Whole Foods 365 brand organic flour, baking powder, and olive oil, topped with tomato sauce made from tomatoes and basil from my CSA, Organic Valley mozzarella, and peppers and mushrooms from my CSA

drinks for the day:

- I had saved half a chai latte (my caffeinated downfall) from our neighborhood coffee shop from the day before, so it counted toward my "already in my house" rule. I'm currently looking into the milk and sugar sources this coffee shop uses (they're the only place I've found in town that makes their chai onsite and doesn't use premade syrup) because a month without a chai will be a lo-ooo-ng month, indeed.

- water (what I drink 90% of the time)

- 365 organic orange juice

my slip-up for the day:

- I left work early today because of my stomach's flip flops. I made the impulse purchase of some wedding soup on my way home. Sometimes, you just need a good broth-based soup.

I am proud of myself for not snacking at cub scouts - which was not easy to resist!

Photo courtesy of Leah Lizarondo


0 #2 Rebecca 2012-10-03 20:36
My husband made it for me, so I suspect he fried it in the rendered bacon grease he keeps on hand for such things. If I had made it, I would have used olive oil. And we usually use our cast iron pan (which after a learning curve, I love!).
0 #1 Elle 2012-10-03 09:21
Did you fry the egg in olive oil, butter, or (like a better spatula handler than I) on a nonstick pan only?

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